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David Salazar and Andreas Engel

2516 NW 2ND AVE

Artist List

Aaron Bell – Washington, USA
Aaron Cain – California, USA
Ben Wahhh – Illinois, USA
Bob Roberts – California, USA
Buddhist Monk – Thailand
Chia – Taiwan
Ching – Taiwan
Chris Conn Askew – California, USA
Fati Motuehitu – Bora Bora
Filip Leu – Lausanne, Switzerland
Guy Aichison – Illinois, USA
Henri Riton – Nantes, France
Horitomo – USA
Horitoyo – Japan
Horiyoshi III – Japan
Laura Saadati – Tennessee, USA
Mario Sen – New Jersey, USA
Phil Holt – Florida, USA
Raya – Maryland, USA
Rinzing – Lausanne, Switzerland
Robert Hernandez – Madrid, Spain
Roger Ingerton – Wellington, New Zealand
Tim Lehi – California, USA
Todd Noble Holloway – Delaware, USA
Tony Paukku – Malmo, Sweden
Wakako – Hawaii, USA | Asian, Contemporary

Beginning in the early 90’s, New York City designer and entrepreneur Peter Mui embarked on an ambitious quest to build a library of original artwork by the world’s most esteemed tattoo artists, for the purpose of creating a distinctive line of fine art tattoo clothing. TATTOO SLEEVES represents a microcosm of Mui’s impressive tattoo art collection, which now includes hundreds of works by over 70 artists worldwide.

As an iconic representation of the traditional “tattoo sleeve” this exhibition features sleeve art created by over 25 artists, spanning Japanese Irezumi, Maori Tribal, American Traditional, New Skool, Biomechanical, Traditional Thai Monk tattoo, Henna tattoo, and other major tattoo styles.

When commissioning an artist, Mui provided a sleeve template (along with front and back shirt templates) and encouraged free creative reign to produce work that would best exemplify the artist’s signature style. As a result, this exhibition offers a rare window into the diversity of artistic approach within the confines of an iconic sleeve template, as produced by the world’s most respected tattoo masters.

  New Skooll tattoo style

Tattoo Masters of the New School (or New Skool) Style

This contemporary tattoo style is inspired by Western and Eastern Traditional styles but has a twist; progressive imagery combined with elaborate blending, complex shading gradations, and an extensive and bright color palette. Although the New School style casts a broad creative net, it is often recognizable by the combination of juxtaposed traditional Japanese motifs with Western motifs, and executed with electric energy. learn more

  Asian tattoo style
Tattoo Masters of the Traditional Asian / Oriental / Japanese Style

The Asian style of body decoration has been a souvenir from the Orient since the earliest contact by Western explorers. Meanings vary by era, artistic school and artist. An image chosen by the bearer can be for protection, strength or supernatural powers derived from gods and goddesses. Dragons, samurai peonies, koi, waves and wind are just a few of themany images that comprise a traditional Japanese body suit. This wealth of images can be traced back to the art and folklore of China, although the full “body suit” is purely a Japanese invention. learn more
  Old School tattoo style
Tattoo Masters of the Old School / American Traditional Style

This Western or Traditional Americana tattoo style is characterized by its bold, blue-black outline, solid color fill (typically red and green with rare additions of blue, yellow, brown and purple), and is embellished with little or no shading. Early examples of this tattoo style came from naval shipmates, featuring military and religious motifs, as well as images of pin-up girls and tributes to fallen comrades or loved ones at home. learn more
  Biomechanical tattoo style
Tattoo Masters of the Biomechanical and Dark Images Style

Biomechanical tattoo is a surrealistic art style combining elements of machines with organics. Rendered with intricate realism, Biomechanical art expresses an internal fantasy world, most typically represented with human or animal anatomy, where bones and joints are replaced with metal pistons and gears infused with muscles and tendons. Graphics typically intertwine motifs in an elaborate Escher-like labyrinth, revealing a world that might exist beneath the surface of the skin. learn more
    Tribal tattoo style
Tattoo Masters of the Tribal Style

Tribal tattoos span a wide range of cultures and motifs. Patterns and designs are based on traditions, primitive cultural legend and lore. Most common design motifs are seen in Borneo, Polynesia, Micronesia, Samoa, Tahiti, Fiji, Tonga, New Zealand, Africa and Pacific Islands. Historic, tribal-based cultures often left little written record except for symbols of their interrelationships and understanding of the cause and effects of nature. Sometimes, the original artwork served as a talisman or a kind of cryptic knowledge for the future. learn more
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